What’s Hot in the Shop: Basketball Cards

Better late than never. Basketball cards make their debut this week and thanks to Jeremy Lin, they’re getting a jump start.

Who Are eBay’s Biggest Sports Card Sellers?

Selling sports cards on eBay means volume, volume, and more volume for eBay’s biggest sports card dealers…but the most successful sellers start ’em low and let ’em go.

Terapeak Aims to Help You Sell Smarter on eBay

Find the right words to use in your listings. Know when to sell and what’s hot. Terapeak isn’t free, but it might help you get top dollar online.

Albert Pujols Autographed Baseballs, Photos Still a Bargain?

All that talk about Albert Pujols having a “down year”? Pretty much gone after two huge homers. With about ten more years left in his career, he could be a steal–even at today’s prices.

For the NASCAR Collector Who Has Everything…

We’re hoping this doesn’t turn into somebody’s race track partymobile. Would you believe the Dale Earnhardt hearse?

eBay Bucks Program Boosts Sales

JustCollect spent some hectic days after adding some juice to an eBay cash back program that helps its buyers and sellers.

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Shill Bids

They’re out there…unscrupulous sellers waiting to take as much of your money as they can get away with.

Sellers Turn to Stickers to Stay in eBay’s Good Graces

Will a gentle nudge from a colorful sticker help keep your items showing up near the top of eBay’s search results?

Deadbeat Bidders: eBay Automating Process

eBay is hoping to make the non-paying bidder experience a little less painful.

Career Change Pays Off for Card Seller

Leaving a software company to sell baseball cards worked out OK for one Ohio dealer.

Graded 1971 Topps set sells for $10K

A 1971 Topps baseball card set with all cards graded PSA 7 and 8 sold for $10,000 Sunday.

1952 Topps Mantle sells for $16K

One of the hobby’s signature cards changes hands.

Ruth, Gehrig, Huggins ball misses reserve

A rare autographed baseball from the 1920s Yankee dynasty was on the block this week and drawing a lot of interest. When the eBay clock struck zero this three signature ball was at over $38,000– not enough to meet the reserve price.