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Collecting Triple Crown Winners’ Memorabilia Easily Attainable

1978 Kentucky Derby Cauthen

History has proven that collecting items from horse racing’s triple crown winners is much easier than winning the three races. California Chrome gets his shot on Saturday.

2012 Panini Golden Age Baseball Will Include Pop-Ups

Pop Up baseball cards 2012 Panini Golden Age

If deep down, you would really like to play with your cards, 2012 Panini Golden Age Baseball will give you the chance to do that.

One of Secretariat’s Old Saddles Turned Into Baseball Cards

Secretariat saddle Panini trading card

2012 Panini Golden Age Baseball cards gets a thoroughbred memorabilia piece with the inclusion of pieces of a 1973 era Secretariat saddle.

1970s Baseball Cards Define a Decade

Ten of the most ‘pleasingly hideous’ baseball cards from the under appreciated decade of the 1970s.