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Ramblings: The Series Quake on Cardboard

Lights Out 1989 earthquake

Rich Klein recalls the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake and the baseball card that commemorated the interruption of the World Series.

Ramblings: Pinnacle Purchase Recalls Company’s Quick Exit

1993 Pinnacle Derek Jeter

Rich Klein’s purchase of some 20-year-old boxes has him thinking about a turbulent time in the hobby, when Pinnacle Brands went big–and then went home.

Full Season of Hockey Cards Begins with 2013-14 Score Jumbos

Score 2013-14 Hockey Box

It’s back to normal for the NHL this season and the puck drops with a 2013-14 Score Hockey Jumbo box jammed with a double rookie class.

Jock Smith Jersey Collection Among Highlights of New SCORE! Exhibit in Vegas

SCORE - Football, Marcus Allen jersey

Sports collectors visiting Las Vegas may have a new destination to check out. The new SCORE! inside the Luxor Hotel is memorabilia and interactive exhibits all in one. The late Jock Smith’s game-worn jersey collection is a centerpiece.

World Series Programs Still Popular

2011 World Series program

From scorecards to local and historic flavor to a slick package of feature stories and mountains of ads, World Series programs have quite a history.

Metrodome Roof Video Now Shows Latest Collectible

Metrodome roof

You remember the Metrodome roof collapsing last season, right? The old stadium cover has been purchased by a Minnesota man who’s now marketing swatches of the big gray roof in all shapes and sizes, many turned into display pieces.

Over 3 Dozen Cardinals at Winter Warmup

cardinals winter warmup

The St. Louis Cardinals bring past,present and future players to town to sign–and raise money for charity.

Spoils of Hall Induction: $500 for Canton Inductees

Pro Football Hall of Fame

Want an autograph from each of this year’s Pro Football Hall of Famers? $500, please.