Ramblings: The Series Quake on Cardboard

Rich Klein recalls the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake and the baseball card that commemorated the interruption of the World Series.

Ramblings: Pinnacle Purchase Recalls Company’s Quick Exit

Rich Klein’s purchase of some 20-year-old boxes has him thinking about a turbulent time in the hobby, when Pinnacle Brands went big–and then went home.

Full Season of Hockey Cards Begins with 2013-14 Score Jumbos

It’s back to normal for the NHL this season and the puck drops with a 2013-14 Score Hockey Jumbo box jammed with a double rookie class.

Jock Smith Jersey Collection Among Highlights of New SCORE! Exhibit in Vegas

Sports collectors visiting Las Vegas may have a new destination to check out. The new SCORE! inside the Luxor Hotel is memorabilia and interactive exhibits all in one. The late Jock Smith’s game-worn jersey collection is a centerpiece.

World Series Programs Still Popular

From scorecards to local and historic flavor to a slick package of feature stories and mountains of ads, World Series programs have quite a history.

Metrodome Roof Video Now Shows Latest Collectible

You remember the Metrodome roof collapsing last season, right? The old stadium cover has been purchased by a Minnesota man who’s now marketing swatches of the big gray roof in all shapes and sizes, many turned into display pieces.

Over 3 Dozen Cardinals at Winter Warmup

The St. Louis Cardinals bring past,present and future players to town to sign–and raise money for charity.

Spoils of Hall Induction: $500 for Canton Inductees

Want an autograph from each of this year’s Pro Football Hall of Famers? $500, please.