satchel paige

Notes: Leaf Paige Listed; Chicago Show Update, Rogers Foreclosures, New Shop

A rare Leaf Satchel Paige eBay sighting; cancelled autograph signings, a bank forecloses on two John Rogers properties and a new shop in Minnesota.

Babe’s Last Gift From Yankees, Koufax Jersey Top SCP Catalog Bidding

Satchel Paige’s Hall of Fame ring and a 1965 Sandy Koufax game-worn jersey set new records in SCP Auctions’ sale, which also included a family heirloom from Babe Ruth.

Limited Nature Part of Satchel Paige Appeal

It’s a short checklist but Satchel Paige baseball cards help tell the story of a pitcher who seemingly never aged.

Vintage Photo of the Day: Satchel Paige 1951

Normally he led the league in enthusiasm but this 1951 photo of Satchel Paige shows the struggle of an old veteran who had a tough day at the office.

Auction of Large Cuban Baseball Card Collection Continues

A group of rare vintage Cuban baseball cards from the collection of Richard Merkin are among the items up for bid.

1950s Topps Baseball Cards: Ten Best Beyond Mantle

While the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle might be the top prize in the Million Card Giveaway or any major auction, here are ten 1950s Topps cards that are nothing to sneeze at.