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10 Common Baseball Cards with Superstar Cameo Appearances

Want an untapped source of superstar baseball cards? Look no further than the commons bin, where the game’s biggest names sometimes make cameo appearances on the cards of lesser lights.

Ramblings: Your Letters… and Your Card Designs

Readers respond to Rich’s recent columns and offer up a couple of card designs for players who should have been in the 1982 Topps Traded set but weren’t.

Ramblings: Really, 1982 Topps Traded Set? Steve Stroughter?

Rich wonders about the 1982 Topps Traded set which included an older, fringe prospect but not some future Hall of Famers. Can you create some ‘cards that never were’?

Blog: Topps Rookie All Star Team, Packers Gamers on Sale

Topps names its annual All-Rookie squad while the unbeaten Packers are asking big bucks for a smattering of game worn jerseys.

2011 Goodwin’s Champions Released

Where else can you find cards of Johnny Bench, Louis Pasteur and the Hawaiian Monk Seal…potentially in the same pack?

Chicago Sports Memorabilia Always Percolating

Chicago, once again hosting this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention, remains a hobby hotbed with collectors chasing cards and memorabilia old and new.

Diamond Die-Cut Cards Get Addition Via Collector Voting

Topps is letting collectors vote on three new additions to the Diamond Die Cuts set.

2010 National Chicle Baseball Short Print List Revealed

Topps National Chicle short print list includes a Hall of Fame and rookie card roll call.

2009 Goodwin Champions Short Prints List

Goodwin’s Champions, Upper Deck’s ode to the popular 19th century baseball card set includes a list of short prints.