Roger Maris

Photo of the Day: Unique Angle on Maris’ 61st Homer

The moment when Roger Maris passed Babe Ruth for most homers in a single season is captured on a rare, low-angle photograph up for auction.

Ramblings: Early 1960s Topps All-Star Mysteries

Rich Klein delves into a few questions about All-Star selections in Topps cards from over 50 years ago.

Vintage Set of the Week: 1961 Topps Baseball

What has two Cubs Hall of Fame rookie cards, a reluctant home run champ, and killer high numbers? It’s the 1961 Topps baseball set, an all-time classic with no asterisk required.

1959 Topps Baseball Set Took Collectors Through the Porthole

Roger Maris in a fishbowl? The 1959 Topps baseball set featured an unusual design that let collectors set sail with their favorite players.

Vintage Set of the Week: 1962 Topps Baseball Ingrained in Hobby Lore

Featuring wood borders and loaded with stars, the 1962 Topps baseball set is a condition-sensitive hobby legend that collectors either love or hate.

5 Favorite Multi-player Baseball Cards of the 1960s

Even after its competition with Bowman, Topps continued to have fun with their issues, including these 5 star-packed but affordable 1960s cards.

Image Captures Mickey Mantle’s Powerful Swing During ’61 Chase

A rare wire photo of Mickey Mantle taking a powerful swing at a pitch during the 1961 home run chase is among the featured items at RMY Auctions.

Photo of the Day: Maris’ Debut?

Hidden away since the 1950s, a photo of Roger Maris may date from his major league debut with Cleveland.

Best Vintage Roger Maris Cards

He’s not in the Hall of Fame but the collecting world treats him that way. So what are the best Roger Maris cards? Those that capture his place in history?

Large 1911 Turkey Red Collection Highlights Auction

Mile High Card Company launches its Extra Innings Auction Monday with dozens of 1911 Turkey Red cards, a Derek Jeter jersey and more on the block.

Photo of the Day: Rookie Roger Leads Off

Showing him as an untested rookie four years from becoming the single season home run king, this 1957 Roger Maris photograph is at RMY Auctions.

Post-War Rookie Card Investments On a Budget

A list of vintage, post-War rookie cards of baseball icons you can believe in, all for under $1,000.

Vintage Photo of the Day: Mantle and Maris in September 1961

An original news photo of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, taken in September of 1961 during their chase of Babe Ruth’s home run record, is up for auction.

Mile High Premium Winter Auction Sets Records

High grade baseball card sets and near sets led the way as Mile High Card Company closed out 2013 with a smaller auction that packed a punch.

Original Photo from Roger Maris’ 61st Homer Among Many Historic Shots Up for Bid

The anniversary was Tuesday but Roger Maris’ 61st home run is always on the mind of collectors and fans. A classic photo of the exact moment when ball met bat is up for bid this week via RMY Auctions.

Tips for selling on eBay: Listings that Rock

If your profits aren’t measuring up, it might be time to revisit some tips for selling your sports card and such on eBay.

Roger Maris Both Prominent and Scarce in Cooperstown

You won’t find a Roger Maris plaque at the Baseball Hall of Fame. He’s never been inducted. But you’ll find a special exhibit on the 50th anniversary of his record-breaking year. Finding Maris memorabilia at Cooperstown shops isn’t quite as easy.

Roger Maris Cards…Why They Still Matter

He’s not in the Hall of Fame and he’s technically not the home run king of anything anymore. But the interest in Roger Maris cards remains strong.

Seeing Baseball History Through its Memorabilia

A former auction company executive will share her observations with fans via some rare and unique pieces of baseball history.

Youngster Reaches Out; Maris Family Reaches Back

A movie connects an Iowa ten-year-old with the appreciative family of a baseball icon.