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2009-10 OPC Hockey Boxed Update Set Released

OPC Marquee Rookie

200-card update collection showcases impact rookies who debuted in uniform last October, completing overall OPC set.

Alex Rodriguez 500th Home Run Ball Sold for $103,579

Bidders showed no hesitation in chasing the ball that put ARod in a club with less than two dozen members.

Yankee Stadium Legacy Set Fundraiser Needs Help

One group’s mission to complete the 6742-card Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy set could mean big bucks for a major national charity–if they can check a few more off the list. For one member, it’s a quest that’s become intensely personal.

Five Post-1990 Baseball Card Sets Worth Having

Dismiss if you must, but sooner or later at least a few modern era card sets will gather some long-term respect.