2009-10 OPC Hockey Boxed Update Set Released

200-card update collection showcases impact rookies who debuted in uniform last October, completing overall OPC set.

Alex Rodriguez 500th Home Run Ball Sold for $103,579

Bidders showed no hesitation in chasing the ball that put ARod in a club with less than two dozen members.

Yankee Stadium Legacy Set Fundraiser Needs Help

One group’s mission to complete the 6742-card Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy set could mean big bucks for a major national charity–if they can check a few more off the list. For one member, it’s a quest that’s become intensely personal.

Five Post-1990 Baseball Card Sets Worth Having

For many serious baseball card collectors, the mid-1980s marked the beginning of the end for worthwhile collecting. With interest in the hobby increasing, card companies began churning out sets in never before seen quantities, flooding the market with cards that today are barely worth the paper they’re printed on. Yet there are still a few […]