Roberto Clemente

PSA 10 1961 Topps Clemente Brings $131,450

Two more cards crack the six-figure barrier at auction, each netting the owner a tidy profit while more Jerry Kramer Collection items find new homes.

Clemente Still Revered By Fans and Collectors

Forty-three years after his 3,000th and final hit, we’ve got a list of 10 great Roberto Clemente cards to consider.

Vintage Set Break of the Month: 1964 Topps Baseball

Five bucks gets you a chance at Mantle, Clemente, Mays, Rose and other stars and Hall of Famers in this month’s Vintage Set Break from Burl’s Sports.

Roberto Clemente Rookie Card Values Rising

Big money sales of the Roberto Clemente rookie card have shown a hot market for the Pittsburgh Pirates’ legend.

1973 Topps Baseball Set Bid Farewell to Clemente, Hello to Schmidt

The 1973 Topps baseball set captured it all as the last multiple-series issue.

Hall of Fame Memory Left Indelible Mark

A family trip to Cooperstown? Sounds like heaven… and it was for a 10-year-old back in 1970, who got some very special autograph collecting help.

Photo of the Day: The 3,000th Hit That Wasn’t

An official scorer’s decision saved a Hall of Fame pitcher from giving up Roberto Clemente’s 3,000th it.

Joe Jackson Bat Sells for $605,077

One of only two surviving bats dating from Joe Jackson’s pre-banishment playing days headlined the February Premier for Hunt Auctions.

Clemente Jersey, Rare Ruth Card Among Hunt Auction Highlights

A Roberto Clemente jersey that serendipitously wound up on the back of young Pirates prospect Kent Tekulve in 1971 is among more than 1800 lots up for bid.

15 Baseball Cards of Players Who Met Tragic Endings

Not every player’s life has a happy ending. Here are baseball cards recalling 15 players who met an unfortunate end in one way or another.

15 Most Valuable Baseball Cards of the 50s

It’s probably the most popular decade for collectors. A list of the most valuable high grade baseball cards of the 50s includes a mix of data.

Investment Targets in Baseball’s ‘Golden Age’

A look at some of the iconic players of the immediate post-War era and the best cards of their careers.

Young Collector at SoCal Show Indicates Bright Hobby Future

You think kids don’t appreciate history? We found one young baseball card collector in southern California with a passion for the old stuff.

Ramblings: Pieces of History or Sacrilege?

Rich Klein catches up with Josh Evans of Lelands at the National where the discussion is about why it’s OK for parts from one plane crash to be in a Hall of Fame but Roberto Clemente’s plane is off limits.

Remarkable Rookie Card Collection Coming to Auction via Memory Lane

Collectors attending the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago this week will be able to feast their eyes on one of the most remarkable high grade collections of rookie cards featuring members of the Baseball Hall of Fame, all of it coming to the auction block next month. The “Graham Collection”, pieced together by a […]

5 Must Have 1973 Topps Baseball Cards

Five of the most important cards from the 1973 Topps set include a changing of the guard, some farewells and a big hello.

Holy Mystery: Branch Rickey’s 1953 Pirates Signed Bible Falls into Library Group’s Hands

We’re betting you’ve never seen one of these: a Bible signed by the 1953 Pittsburgh Pirates and dedicated to Branch Rickey. How’d it wind up with the Sacramento Public Library?

1954 Clemente Winter League Contract, Ruth, Young Autos Part of Auction

A 1954 Puerto Rican Winter League contract signed by a 20-year-old Roberto Clemente is among 700 lots up for bid at Iconic Memorabilia. Babe Ruth autographs, a Sporting News baseball questionnaire filled out by Cy Young…and a pair of John Lennon’s old specs are also on the block.

Memory Lane’s I Own it Now Sale Includes 3 High End Babe Ruth Signed Baseballs

Among the 1,000+ lots in the private sale catalog are three Babe Ruth signed baseballs, all grading between PSA 7.5 and 8.5.

Topps Will Feature Roberto Clemente in 2012 Baseball Cards

You’ll see more of the late, great Roberto Clemente inside Topps’ 2012 products.