2012 Topps Heritage Minors Baseball Review

A slimmed down version of the mothership, the 2012 Topps Heritage Minors cards offer some new players and old concepts.

2012 Topps Chrome Box Break

Rich Klein raps about the early days of a now familiar Topps product while unwrapping this year’s Chrome baseball.

The Craziest One Day Show Ever

You think the National got busy at times? You should have been around during the ‘boom years’. Rich Klein remembers a one day show for the ages and the friend he helped promote it.

Ramblings: Rich Klein Ready to Continue Ripken-Like NSCC Streak

It’s the one show you’ve got to get to–at least once. Rich Klein ought to know. He’s been to 30 of them.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Box Break

Rich Klein has some thoughts as he does his 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter box break. He also finds something unexpected–and we don’t mean the video of Kate Upton that’s also located conveniently inside this review.

Rich’s Ramblings: Now Catching… Dr. Jim Beckett

Rich Klein talks 1982 card shows, is made to feel really old after his wife calls the cops on him …and recalls an NSCC softball game in which Beckett’s founder was the all-time catcher.

2011 Topps Precision Football Box Break

The manufacturer makes sure no one goes away without an autograph in 2011 Topps Precision football.

2012 Topps Baseball Series One Box Break

It’s a couple of weeks after the launch of 2012 Topps Series One. Rich Klein breaks open a box now that things have settled a bit.

Ramblings: Will 1099 Forms from Paypal Lead to Card Show Comeback?

Anyone who sells a sizable volume of cards or memorabilia on eBay is getting a 1099 form from the government through Paypal.

Rich’s Ramblings: Putting Things into Perspective

Rich Klein with some thoughts on hobby friendships.

Ramblings: Remembering The Hobby in 1991

Rich Klein remembers Mike Remlinger’s girlfriend, 1991 Bowman, Topps’ information void and…O.J. Simpson.

2011 Bowman Sterling Box Break

Somewhere down the line, these pricey boxes could yield some valuable rookie cards…but which ones? Rich Klein digs in.

Ramblings: More Women, Mailbag, Fun With Topps Million

Rich Klein follows up on Ramblings past and is really addicted to online trading via Topps’ Million Card Giveaway promotions.

Topps American Pie Review

Collectors seem to like 2011 Topps American Pie–at least those who knew better than to expect a fair number of sports cards inside those wrappers.

Tipping Points in the Trading Card Industry

Rich Klein examines some of the modern trading card industry’s watershed moments.

2011 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Box Break

Topps offers its annual eye on the future with Draft Picks and Prospects baseball. Boxbuster Rich Klein digs in.

2011 Topps UFC Moment of Truth Box Break

Rich Klein enters the octagon with the newest UFC product from Topps.

Mishap Has Rich’s Ramblings in Mending, Thinking Mode

It’s been an interesting week for Rich Klein, whose physical ramblings earned him some black and blue marks and a little perspective on what we should make the focus of our ‘collection’.

Rich’s Ramblings: Women in the Hobby

Rich Klein has some thoughts on pioneering women in the sports card and memorabilia profession–from show promoters to dealers and beyond.