Ramblings: A Few Stories from Recent Show Travels

Ty Cobb 1907 Dietsche postcard

Whether it’s the National, flying home from the National or doing a local show, Rich Klein always finds a chuckle or two.

Rich Klein: Volunteers Invaluable at Show


Rich Klein says his fundraising show was a success, thanks in large part to volunteers and donors.

Ramblings: Dawn of the Hobby Shop vs. Retail Battle

1996-97 Topps Chrome Basketball Kobe Bryant

Dealers’ cold feet led to a retail only release for 1996-97 Topps Chrome Basketball, setting the stage for some angst between hobby shops and card makers.

Ramblings: Where Have All the Nicknames Gone

Horse  Danning

Rich Klein says old baseball cards with colorful nicknames are the best.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Sorting to a Science

Baseball card lot mixed years

Is spending hour upon hour sorting and organizing cards worth it in the end? If you’re a company that’s carved a niche for dealing with the volume end of things, the answer is yes.

Rich’s Ramblings: Projecting Hall of Famers Has Never Been Easy

1972 Topps Carlton Fisk

Rich Klein goes back to the 1970’s to look at some of the key rookie cards, some of whom didn’t start out that way.

Rich’s Ramblings: Secret Santa Edition

Santa Claus

Rich Klein is Mr. Secret Santa, participating in various online holiday exchanges. He chronicles his adventure and explains why it’s just good, clean fun.

2014 Topps Winter Olympic Box Break/Review

2014 Topps Olympic box

The Games are coming and Topps 2014 Winter Olympic boxes are already on the market. What’s inside? A mix of current and former talent and some potentially nice autographs. Rich Klein ripped into a box.

2013 Topps Update Box Break

2013 Topps Update Box

Rich Klein breaks a 2013 Update Series baseball box, as Topps continues a familiar formula.

Rich’s Ramblings: Let’s Make Some Better Base Sets

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein’s mailbag concerns a true collector’s frustration with the current state sports card sets.

Rich’s Ramblings: More National Stories for My ‘Living Book’

1984 National Sports Collectors Convention

Rich Klein recalls the Aspen Hotel and ‘jackets required’, the Willow Grove disappointment and why a Naughty by Nature song had attendees laughing in the early 90’s.

Ramblings: Ryan Rookie Recollection Spurs More Memories of Youth and Youthful Shenanigans

Richs Ramblings

Readers respond with their own stories after Rich Klein recalls the 1990 story of a kid getting a Nolan Ryan rookie card for $12 instead of $1200.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Errors and Variations Hardly a New Thing

Richs Ramblings

I was given a new file at work to process in the past few days. Normally, my front end work is pretty simple if the information was put in correctly but this specific file came in with rafts of errors. Seeing that file reminded me of one of the hobby’s subtlest but hottest grouping of […]

2012 Bowman Sterling Worth the Price Tag

Unopened 2012 Bowman Sterling football box

It ain’t cheap, but 2012 Bowman Sterling football has been a hit with collectors after about three weeks on the market and what Rich Klein found in his box shows why.

Ramblings: COMC Picks Up Pace and a Show Grows in Texas

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein updates a buying and selling platform’s efforts to gain customers and a show promoter’s moves to build a base.

Rich’s Ramblings: Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

Richs Ramblings

Why do some invest in pitchers? Why were dirt cards redemptions? Why don’t people want to save money?
Rich ponders.

2012 Topps Chrome Football Review

2012 Topps Chrome football box

Rich Klein opens up a box of one of the year’s hottest products: 2012 Topps Chrome Football.

Remembering Long Time Hobby Friends

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein remembers the late Mike Gordon and catches up with some hobby friends including one who took a hit from Hurricane Sandy.

2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball Box Break

2012 Bowman Chrome baseball box

Rich Klein’s local card shop is selling a lot of 2012 Bowman Chrome baseball, which keeps to a familiar format while packing a little bonus.

2012 Topps Platinum Football Doing Well in Marketplace

2012 Topps Platinum Football

Rich Klein tears open a box of what’s become a popular product since its mid-September release: 2012 Topps Platinum.