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The Four Top 20 Cards Ken Kendrick Doesn’t Have

Diamondbacks owner and collector Ken Kendrick’s best cards are on display in Phoenix but there are four others he has his eye on.

2 of Rare Cobb Cards Found in Bag Sold

The family is staying low-key but it’s the deal of a lifetime for MINT State’s Rick Snyder, given charge of selling the 7 newly discovered Ty Cobb cards.

M101-5 Babe Ruth Rookie Hits eBay

Usually confined to major auctions, a 1916 Babe Ruth Sporting News rookie card has been listed on eBay and the heavy hitters are on it.

New TV Show Debut Includes Black Swamp Find Segment

Strange Inheritance, airing on Fox Business, launches this week with a segment on the 2012 Black Swamp Find of E98 baseball cards in an Ohio attic.

The Whitest of Whales: 1968 Topps 3-D Baseball

Never released to the masses, the mysterious 1968 Topps 3-D baseball cards are among the hobby’s rarest issues.

Editor’s Blog: Rare 1923 Lections Card Set Includes Meusel Miscue

Bob is Irish and Irish is Bob in the rare 1923 Lections set. The story–plus news of some one-of-a-kind Satchel Paige memorabilia.

Uncovered: Ultra Scarce 1917-19 M101-6 Joe Jackson Heads to Auction

Remember our story last month about the M101-6 Felix Mendelsohn set and the elusive Joe Jackson card? The only known example is about to come up for bid.

1894 Alpha Engraving Orioles Investment Paid Off for Collector

The 1894 Alpha Engraving Baltimore Orioles baseball cards are among the rarest ever and valuable enough that one collector turned the only known set into a beautiful new house.

Rare 1916 Baseball Photo Brings $32,811

A photo depicting three well-known future Negro Leaguers proved to be a major drawing card at auction.

How the Hall is Displaying the Kendrick Collection

Our writer takes in the “Ultimate Set” collection of rare, vintage baseball cards now on display at the Hall of Fame.

Babe Ruth Bat, Rare Baseball Cards on Auction Docket

A one-of-a-kind Ty Cobb baseball card, a game-used Babe Ruth bat and hundreds of other pieces of sports memorabilia are all piled into the latest catalog from Huggins and Scott. Who needs JC Penney?