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Ramblings: Show Report and Plano II Confirmed

Rich Ramblings 2014

Rich Klein sets up at a combination toy and sports card show while making plans for his second fundraising show later this summer.

Ramblings: Recalling the Crazy Days of 1989

1989 Fleer set

Billy Ripken was only part of the madness as dealers scrambled to corner the market on sets that it turned out weren’t all that hard to get if you were patient.

Ramblings: The Babe Writes On, Card Show Update, Recalling a Funny Story

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein has some odds and ends to discuss including some tips for keeping a show alive after a move and a funny story from a long ago card show.

Rambling at the National: Notes from the Floor and Beyond

Richs Ramblings

Some quick hits from the 34th National Both Rich Mueller and I are gratified by how many people here at the National have approached us with positive comments about my column and the website in general 98 out of 101 items at the Heritage Platinum Night auction at the old, restored movie theatre sold including […]

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Tracking Scarcities

Bill Skowron 1961 Topps SP

Rich Klein recalls early efforts to confirm that some older Topps cards were truly harder to find than others.

Rich’s Ramblings: Beckett Brothers, MLB Network Fail, COMC Dialogue

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein gets together with some old friends from back in day at Beckett wonders why MLB Network wasn’t offering classic Stan Musial and Earl Weaver and why listening is important.

Ramblings: Website Stirs Memories of Early Topps Books; Heritage Suggestions

Topps Complete Picture Collection book

Rich Klein recalls the first comprehensive Topps books, has some suggestions for Topps Heritage and pines for a more personal hobby in his New Year’s resolutions.

Ramblings: Not Just a Pretty Face

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein recalls a not-so-flattering T206 card at the center of a SABR discussion.