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2016 Pre-Integration HOF Candidates and Their Cards

Rich Klein looks at baseball cards for the pre-integration committee’s 2016 candidates for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Ramblings: Post-Season Moments That Begged for Baseball Cards

As a new post-season opens, Rich Klein is thinking of some old ones and the cards that could have been.

Ramblings: Why Not Farewell Moments on Cards?

As the 2015 regular season came to a close, Rich Klein was hoping some of the outgoing players’ final moments could be captured on cardboard.

Ramblings: Youth and Local Boys Who Made Good

Cardboard memories send Rich back to his youth and to the pre-internet days when dealers were the link to the hometown heroes who went on to the big leagues.

Ramblings: No Such Thing as a Sure Thing

A box break leads Rich Klein to recall a few moments and players that prove what we think is going to happen…sometimes doesn’t.

Ramblings: Sea Change in Cards Paralleled Political Shift

Recent political news has Rich recalling the fall of 1980, just months before the world of baseball cards was officially turned upside down.

Ramblings: Player Collectors Still Passionate

The game has changed but the concept is the same for collectors whose focus is narrow.

Ramblings: Remembering Cards of 1960s Two-Sport Stars

Rich Klein recalls a few of his favorite two-sport athletes from the 1960s and their cards.

Rich’s Ramblings: Running Ragged

Call it a Card Show Triathlon. Rich Klein says being involved in three shows over eight days gave him a greater appreciation of the value of a good promoter.

Ramblings: Recalling Look-Alikes and Cardboard Rumors

Rich Klein recalls the days when speculation around a player’s identity fueled rampant rumors and price increases.

Ramblings: Readers Write on 1962 Backs, Rare Cards, Trivia

Rich Klein digs through the inbox where readers are asking for help on 1962 Topps backs, Pro Set’s rare Prototype cards and one has some nice trivia.

Ramblings: Reader Reaction

Rich’s columns, past and present, spur emails from old and new friends with questions and comments.

Ramblings: It’s Show Time Again

Advice from fellow hobby veterans, wrangling prizes and hunting free publicity is all part of trying to ensure the success of a non-profit show.

Ramblings: Dreaming of the Cards That Might Have Been

Why is there no 1968 Topps Reggie Jackson? Rich Klein discusses players and big moments that would have filled a void in our card collecting past.

Brief and Buh-Bye: Baseball Cards of Aquisitions Who Didn’t Pay Dividends

Rich Klein chronicles players who were acquired by a team with high hope, given a card and then quickly moved on.

Ramblings: Mistaken Identity on Sports Cards

Rich Klein runs down a few sports card photo blunders; some you’ve probably heard of and others you haven’t.

Ramblings: Answering Your E-Mails

From 1960s All-Star mysteries to the vintage card market to Jordan Spieth, readers offer Rich their two cents on his recent columns.

Ramblings: Reality Tie Makes Our Hobby Stand Out

Rich K says the business may have contracted but the “living hobby” aspect of 25 years ago remains the same.

Ramblings: Cards and Broadcasts Connect Us to Baseball’s Past

Baseball cards and long-lost broadcasts help bring the past back to life.

Ramblings: Fun With 1962 Topps Card Backs

The cartoons and the copy make for a fun ride through the backs of the 1962 Topps Baseball cards.