psa population report

Second Tier George Brett Rookie Cards Strong as Icon Turns 60

1975 Topps #228 is among the most desired cards of the post-War era but it seems some of the more obscure George Brett rookie cards that are growing in interest and value.

1966 Topps Grant Jackson 591

It’s a card that’s seemingly on the want list of every 1960s baseball card collector. Find one at a show? Good luck. But is the single printed 1966 Topps Grant Jackson rookie card really the scarcest in the set?

E98 Baseball Cards Have Quirks, New Realities

Perhaps not everything there is to know about the suddenly famous E98 set, but a good start.

PSA Population Report Goes Free

Collectors and dealers now have access to some valuable information on a massive database of graded cards now that the PSA Population Report is public info.

PSA Will Make Population Report Free

PSA’s holiday gift to the hobby will be online access to its pop report, the listing of how many cards have been graded in its 1-10 scale.