Ex-Mets Clubhouse Manager Pleads Guilty to Memorabilia Theft, Tax Evasion

Former Mets’ clubhouse man Charlie Samuels avoided jail time by admitting he owned a huge collection of memorabilia that wasn’t his to keep.

Dealer Convicted of Theft by Deception Now Facing Gun Charges

Roger Hooper, convicted of selling fake sports memorabilia last year, has been arrested on charges of selling stolen guns.

Duo Swaps Stolen Griffey Rookie Card for Jail

Two men from Albany, New York

NASCAR Driver Selling Memorabilia

Jeremy Mayfield is selling off some of his racing memorabilia. And a house. And a cabin. And some guns. And some property. And some tractors. And a barn. And….

Warner Sues Over Memorabilia Loss

Former Penn State and Seattle Seahawks’ running back Curt Warner is suing his insurance man over football memorabilia he lost in a fire at his home last year.