Autograph Seekers Chase White House Seekers

Among the hottest targets for autograph seekers? Presidential candidates.

2011 Bowman Sterling Football a Popular Product on eBay

A late season football product resulted in thousands of eBay listings. And most of the 2011 Bowman Sterling Football listings found a buyer.

Topps 2011 Products: Best and Worst Money Makers

A study of nearly two dozen Topps 2011 baseball products reveals those still making money and those that have dealers bleeding red ink.

Some People Will Do Anything For Free Cards

Replacing the contents of a box with junk commons and returning it to Target? Wow.

Smaller Sports Memorabilia Dealers Battle the Big Boys at the NSCC

Whether you run multi-million dollar auctions or sell cards out of your basement, the National Sports Collectors Convention will offer you a chance to set up a booth… if you can handle the expense.

Atlanta TV Station’s Undercover Autograph Investigation

Ouch. An investigative reporter confronts a dealer over some photocopied autographs.

The Real Cost of Selling on eBay

Walking the thin line between profit and loss while selling your stuff at the world’s biggest card show, open 24/7.

Industry Summit Attendance Grows

Dozens of card shop owners get a boost from their suppliers to make it to the second annual conference.

T206 Collections Always a Welcome Consignment

Sometimes doing a little extra work pays off in the world of valuable vintage baseball cards.