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Derek Jeter Cards Are Current Generation’s Mantle

1993 Pinnacle Derek Jeter

A rush for Derek Jeter cards isn’t out of the question as he makes known his intention to retire after the 2014 season.

Hall’s World Series Exhibit Includes Multiple Game-Used Pieces

2011 World Series memorabilia

Some history-making game-used items are now in a 2011 World Series exhibit at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Freese’s Torn Shirt, Home Run Bat Among Hall’s Haul

Torn jersey David Freese 2011 World Series

His teammates ripped it off his back but the Hall of Fame wanted it anyway. David Freese’s jersey will join his Game 6 bat and other items in Cooperstown.

Renteria’s Bat; Lincecum’s Jersey to Hall of Fame

Edgar Renteria

Some history-making World Series memorabilia has been packaged up and will be on display at Cooperstown.

Stadium Seats=Early Christmas in Montana

Old Yankee Stadium memories come to life in the 2009 postseason thanks to a big ol’ box from back home.