Bowman vs Topps: The Old Rivalry on eBay

Iconic debut aside, Topps trumped Bowman then–and now–if eBay stats are any indication.

Has Bobby Thomson’s 1951 ‘Shot’ Jersey Already Been Found?

Collectors have wondered for years what became of the jersey Bobby Thomson was wearing when he hit the ‘Shot Heard ‘Round the World’. It may have been sitting in one man’s collection for the last six years.

TV Show in Development Needs Collectors

It’s definitely the year of the collector on reality TV. Producers of a new TV show want to hear about your collecting obsession.

Superstation, Baseball Cards Went Hand in Hand

The arrival of cable TV turned a lot of people into Atlanta Braves fans. One blogger remembers the revolution–and the part that baseball cards played in developing his affection for a new powerhouse.

2010 Ending With Changes at SGC

James Spence Authentication has made an investment in card grading firm SGC, while personnel moves are also happening.

MLB Authenticators Busy in Post-Season

What’s being tagged in this year’s World Series? A better question…what isn’t?

Tommie Smith Selling 1968 Gold Medal, Shoes

His gesture on the medal stand in Mexico City created a firestorm 42 years ago. Now, Tommie Smith’s gold is up for sale.

eBay Changes Includes Cheaper Insurance

eBay continues to roll out new options including analytics and a package shipping insurance option that’s cheaper than the post office.

Ex-Postal Employee Sentenced for Mail Theft

Helping himself to sports cards intended for others was just part of the problem.

Blog: Mays Left ’em High and Dry in Galesburg

24 years ago, Willie Mays left hundreds standing in line at a card show in Illinois.

Lost in the Mail: Hockey Collector’s Set Vanishes

A 1957 Parkhurst hockey set made it to a Canadian post office, but then what?

Vernon & JFK Made First Pitch a Habit

From 1961-63 John F. Kennedy threw out the first pitch at Griffith Stadium. Now, a signed JFK ball from that final opening day is on the auction block. But why is the family selling?

Monster Lot of Monster Boxes

A Michigan man is hoping you’ll help his wife get her car in the garage by buying his cards.

Mantle Family Claims Most of Mick’s Autographs Fake

Mickey Mantle memorabilia and cards are still the gold standard for post-War era collectors…but that also means those items are an inviting target for crooks.

LeRoy Kilps Will Be Missed

I read on a blog post by a Wisconsin collector that LeRoy Kilps, the president of the Wisconsin Sports Collectors Association, has passed away. LeRoy has been with the group in some capacity for a very long time, helping run the monthly shows at Gonzaga Hall in Milwaukee. The WSCA has held them there for close to 30 […]