pittsburgh pirates

Photo of the Day: Casey at the Bat

No sparrows flew from his cap but a photo of Casey Stengel playing for the Pirates is still pretty cool. Learn more about the Ol’ Perfesser’s playing days.

Bronzed Glove from Haddix’s 12 Perfect Innings at Auction

Memorabilia from Harvey Haddix’s 12 innings of perfection in 1959 along with other important career memorabilia, are on the auction block.

Photo of the Day: The 3,000th Hit That Wasn’t

An official scorer’s decision saved a Hall of Fame pitcher from giving up Roberto Clemente’s 3,000th it.

Ramblings: Remembering When Pops Was Tops

A monster home run 44 years ago this week and a special season eight years later are remembered as Rich Klein recalls some classic Willie Stargell baseball cards.

Holy Mystery: Branch Rickey’s 1953 Pirates Signed Bible Falls into Library Group’s Hands

We’re betting you’ve never seen one of these: a Bible signed by the 1953 Pittsburgh Pirates and dedicated to Branch Rickey. How’d it wind up with the Sacramento Public Library?

Hunt Auctions Signs Andrew McCutchen to Autograph Deal

Pennsylvania-based Hunt Auctions has gobbled up the autograph representation contract for Pirates’ superstar Andrew McCutchen as the company continues to expand its industry base.

T206 Wagner Consigned to REA Has Date Stamp Matching Pirates 1909 Triumph Over Cobb, Tigers

A unique T206 Honus Wagner card, its back bearing a date stamp matching the date of the decisive game of the 1909 World Series will be featured in Robert Edward Auctions’ 2012 catalog event.

Topps Will Feature Roberto Clemente in 2012 Baseball Cards

You’ll see more of the late, great Roberto Clemente inside Topps’ 2012 products.

Lost and Found: 1960 Pirates World Series Ring

A young girl’s honesty helps a cherished ring back to its rightful owner.