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Ramblings: Recalling Pinnacle’s Efforts to Try Something Different

Cal Ripken Pinnacle Snapshots

Unusual pack configuration in a new product has Rich Klein recalling the 1990’s, when Pinnacle Brands was trying to earn space on crowded store shelves.

Panini Brings Pinnacle Brand to Basketball


2013-14 Pinnacle Basketball will mix some retro subsets with the content modern box breakers expect when it arrives in about a month.

Ramblings: Pinnacle Purchase Recalls Company’s Quick Exit

1993 Pinnacle Derek Jeter

Rich Klein’s purchase of some 20-year-old boxes has him thinking about a turbulent time in the hobby, when Pinnacle Brands went big–and then went home.

Rich’s Ramblings: Of Old Willow Grove Days

1949 Leaf

Rich Klein catches up with an old friend who remembers a couple of the hobby’s wheeler-dealers who used to frequent the Philly show floor–and more.

Panini Granted Hockey Card License

National Hockey League

Panini will join Upper Deck as official trading card licensees of the NHL and NHLPA.