2011 Bowman Sterling Football Review

Rich Klein takes a brief foray into the 2011 Bowman Sterling football mini boxes, part of the collection of six inside each master box from Topps.

Canseco Selling Autographs… Interviews?

Jose Canseco may need a new agent.

Rich’s Ramblings: Good, Bad and Ugly of Card Shops

Rich Klein’s visit to Barnes & Noble jogged the memory banks about card shops past and present.

What’s in Joe Namath’s Closet?

Joe Namath’s Topps tour takes him to a question and answer session with where the topics include his rookie card, his 1973 Topps card, his fur coats and today’s NFL.

David Price Autographs Will Be Added to Jeter Marketing Blitz

You knew this was coming.

Thousands of Rare Sports Photos Now Available

The photos span decades of history and chronicle the events, people and places that have shaped the sports world, each representing a unique moment in time.

Iowa Collector Reunites Stolen Photo With Boston Library

An alert collector’s curiosity has brought George Cuppy back home.

Leslie Jones Photo Archives Mesmerizing

A huge and rarely seen collection of vintage baseball photographs from a long-time Boston photographer has fans and collectors excited.

Baltimore Sun Library Added to Growing Photo Inventory

Two companies join forces to bring millions of long lost sports and other types of photographs to market.

Removing Sharpie Signatures from Glossy Surfaces

A special pen can help you get rid of a signature you’d rather not have adorning that photo or baseball card.

Weil Baking Ruth Rookie Tops Auction Bidding

A scarce back, a decent grade and the Babe added up to a nice price in the latest major catalog auction.

Ruth Family Photos Bring $62K

A collection of autographs given by Babe Ruth to his only sister brought over $62,000 at auction this week.

Yogi-Jackie Photo: A Gift to the Prez…Maybe

How do you give the President of the United States a special, signed photo featuring two baseball legends?

John Rogers Photo Archive Tally: 32 million in 15 months

Collector John Rogers has built a huge business through a unique business model that has brought millions of historic sports photos into the hobby.

Classic Iooss Photos Will Raise $ for Injured Troops

Limited prints made from original negatives will raise money for military veterans who need specially designed homes after being injured in war.

2009 Topps Tribute Review

Our intrepid box buster tackles 2009 Topps Tribute and comes away with some nice hits,

More Vintage Sports Photos About to Hit Market

Collector John Rogers has bought another major newspaper’s entire photo archive.

New Spin on Sports Memorabilia Decor

Some tips on creating a wall you can be proud of from a big time interior designer.