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Topps Made History with 1954-55 Hockey Set Despite MIA Canadian Teams

Gordie Howe 1954-55 Topps

Sixty seasons ago, Topps launched its inaugural hockey card set, one that generally gets high marks despite the lack of Habs or Leafs.

Vintage Buy of the Week: Hockey Card Bonanza

hockey cards vintage

A Pennsylvania collector’s vintage post-War hockey card liquidation will put some top cards into circulation.

New Website Focuses on Vintage Hockey Cards

Bobby Orr 1966-67 Topps USA Test

The NHL’s labor trouble won’t keep a good collector down. A newly launched website is zeroed in on vintage hockey cards.

Hockey Card Crook: Vintage Parkies Pilfered

1951 Parkhurst

Card shop owners in Michigan should be on the alert for a nice group of early 1950s Parkhurst hockey cards.

Forgotten Hockey Card Set Gets Star Treatment

1952-53 Parkhurst Tim Horton

A young Canadian collector’s set of 1952-53 Parkhurst was packed away and forgotten. Now, it’s heading for a special place of honor.