Pro Football Hall of Fame Gets Early NFL Material

The Pro Football Hall of Fame will be home to a collection of early NFL documents and memorabilia from the family of Dutch Sternaman.

Show Promotion: Where to Find Customers

Promoting a sports card or trade show in the 21st century means being interactive

Montana Shop Burglarized

Thieves broke into a Montana shop and stole several items worth thousands of dollars–but left behind some important items.

Ultra Rare T207 Red Cross Back Find

Call it the Gulf Coast Find. A collection of extremely rare T207 baseball cards has vintage collectors talking.

MEARS Will Sell Historic Football Photos

Hand-picked images from a major sports photograph archive are being prepared for auction.

Lineup cards popular with players & collectors

They used to be scribbled on a little piece of paper and tossed out.  Now, some lineup cards are works of art and collectors sometimes have to battle players for the one from the dugout.