Editor’s Blog: Let’s Play Find the Forgers

The ongoing supply of fake autograph pieces isn’t going away. Is there no way to find the source of the slimy signatures produced by forgers?

Agents Busy Seizing Bogus Goods, Websites During Baseball Playoffs

Fake game jerseys aren’t the only items federal agents are busy tracking down these days. Baseball playoff busts netted a huge stash of fake fan gear and the sites that were selling it.

Dubious Autograph Authenticator Now Reality TV Star

…or at least the husband of one. One target of the FBI’s probe into fake autographs is now enjoying some network TV time.

Support Troops With Unopened Packs

An effort is underway to send one million packs of its trading cards to troops stationed overseas. How you can help.

Frangipani Suing HBO Over Autograph Story

Donald Frangipani says business ain’t what it used to be.

Operation Bullpen over…sort of

The FBI's well publicized "Operation Bullpen" caught some bad guys and got a lot of publicity.  Now it's over.  But the FBI is still interested in the hobby.