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California Rep’s Bill Focused on Bogus Autographs

A California assemblywoman has introduced state legislation she hopes will help combat fake autographs…and Star Wars actor Mark Hamill is lending a hand.

A Summer Baseball and Collectors Reading List

Ready to kick back a little? We’ve got some fresh new baseball and collecting books along with some old standbys to tackle while the livin’ is easy.

Movie Rights to Operation Bullpen Purchased

The sports memorabilia industry’s most notorious scheme could become a feature film.

Rich’s Ramblings: Tony Gwynn a Friend to Collectors

Rich Klein recalls when Tony Gwynn stepped in to help stop autograph forgers–and a baseball card commercial that showed us his sense of humor.

Autograph Authentication on Amazon and eBay: Where Does It Stand?

It is important to know the differences in what the two internet giants allow when it comes to the selling of autographed material. And it is essential to understand the similarities.

Absolutely Guaranteed to be 100 Percent Fake

Years after the Operation Bullpen arrests, questionable authenticators, fake “certificates of authenticity” and forgeries are still widespread.

The Forgers’ Credo: Give ‘Em What They Want

Forgers and counterfeit memorabilia dealers always try to give collectors what they want even as they try to fool them.

The Beautiful Forgeries That Most Collectors Will Never Buy

The beautiful Operation Bullpen forgeries that most collectors regard as commercially toxic.

The Babe Ruth Underpants Box and other Ruthian Forgeries

By Kevin Nelson [Editor’s note: This is the second in our series on the notorious Operation Bullpen case.) The most notorious forgery produced by the Operation Bullpen conspiracy was, undoubtedly, the Mother Teresa baseball, supposedly signed by the late Christian missionary who devoted her life to serving the poor. But if the Mother Teresa forgery was […]

Operation Bullpen: The Case That Has Never Gone Away

Fake autographs produced by the notorious Operation Bullpen conspiracy still plague the collecting hobby years after the FBI brought the ring down. In the first of a 5-part series, author Kevin Nelson recaps the case and begins to reveal some of the photos you’ve probably never seen.

Editor’s Blog: Let’s Play Find the Forgers

The ongoing supply of fake autograph pieces isn’t going away. Is there no way to find the source of the slimy signatures produced by forgers?

Fake Autographs Turn into Real Help for Baseball Charity

How 2,000 phony autographed baseballs are about to make a big difference for kids baseball around the world.