Retired Chicago Sports Stars Sign for Causes

Fergie Jenkins and Lee Smith grabbed pens and signed autographs in hopes of helping remember Ron Santo…while a Bears’ great has his own cause.

Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle top 2010’s Most Dangerous Autographs

Is Santa putting authenticity in your stocking? PSA/DNA’s been keeping track of which nice autographs are commonly found to be naughty.

Giant Victory for Bay Area Card Shops

San Francisco Giants fans are making it a happy holiday season indeed for sports card shops in the area.

TX School Kids Writing Project? Autographs

TTM autographs as part of a class project? It’s how they roll in Odessa, TX.

Earliest Known Willie Mays Pro Jersey Consigned to Auction

Purchased for $50 at a Minnesota card show years ago, it gained fame on Antiques Roadshow. Now it’s out of a museum and into an upcoming auction.

Autographed T206 Cobb with Note Sells for $27,600

One of the few signed T206 Cobb cards, complete with a note from the man himself, has brought a pretty penny at auction.

Editor’s Blog: Free Classifieds

Another option for buying/selling your stuff.

Shooting Baseball Cards Helped Photographer Get Sox Job

A candidate for ‘coolest job’ talks about his work behind the lens in the big leagues.

New Book Offers History of Store Model Baseball Gloves

John Graham’s collection tells the story of baseball–and baseball gloves–through a new book.

Topps: Strasburg Allen & Ginter Mini Not Short Printed

Collectors and dealers have been struggling to find a Stephen Strasburg mini rookie card in the 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter but the company says it’s no wild goose chase.

Corporate Interest: Company Bids $300K on Jersey

A Canadian company is putting up serious money for what’s considered the most famous jersey in that country’s hockey history.

Selling on eBay? The IRS May Be Watching

Starting next year, the IRS will make sure you fill out the proper forms and report your income if you’re a busy and active eBay seller.

Sellers Giving Amazon a Go

Need a new sales outlet? Try another online giant.

Collectors Abroad: Web, Shows Forge Friendships

Living in Germany and being a card collector is a lot easier thanks to the efforts of a group that provides an online gathering place and even a long history of card shows.

Signed NBA Jerseys Benefit St. Jude

The NBA’s biggest stars have signed up–and signed jerseys–as St. Jude Children’s Hospital launches a major fundraiser.

Rare Venezuelan Cards Discovered

A Venezuelan collector/dealer is hoping to learn more about a newly-discovered group of 1950s cards issued there, including some of Major Leaguers.

MLB Hopes One Baseball Card Licensee Means More $

How much of a drag were baseball cards on Major League Baseball’s licensing profitability over the last decade? Let’s just say it’s OK to yell "we’re number one".

Tiger, US Team Sign Baseball Jerseys

Now here’s something a little different…

Brandon Jennings Ignites Basketball Card Market

He didn’t come in with LeBron’s hype, but Brandon Jennings is quickly becoming a big time star.

World Series Memorabilia You Won’t See for Sale

Not everything winds up in an auction or online sale.