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Editor’s Blog: NSCC Wrap News and Notes

2014 National Sports Collectors Convention IX Center

A few notes and observations as the National Sports Collectors Convention bids farewell to Cleveland.

Updated: Photos, Video from 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention


Photos and video from the opening of the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland.

NSCC News and Notes from Day One (1)

The VIP party brings in collectors who wait in long autograph lines while local media turn out to feature the show.

Bound for National Sports Collectors Convention? A Little Advice

Chicago 2011 National Sports Collectors Convention

Some tips for having a fun and productive time at the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Director: Reasons for NSCC’s Shorter Circuit are Many

I-X Center Cleveland

In Part 2 of our chat with NSCC Director Mike Berkus, topics include dealers, promotion and why bringing the show to other cities has proven difficult.

Director: Signs Point Toward Strong NSCC

NSCC entrance

In the first of a two-part interview, NSCC Director Mike Berkus discusses the first show in 1980, sales for this year and the new case break pavilion.

Dale Murphy, Carlos Baerga to Sign Autographs at NSCC Show

Autographed Dale Murphy photo

VIPs–and maybe regular attendees–will have a chance to get autographs from a couple of popular players from the 1980’s and 90’s.

Jesse Owens 1936 Olympic Gold Medal Coming to Auction

Jesse Owens 1936 Gold  Medal

One of four Olympic medals won in 1936 by Jesse Owens is on the auction block and could sell for $1 million or more.

Volume Business Keeps Burbank Sports Cards Busy


Like a cardboard Fort Knox, Burbank Sports Cards houses a massive inventory of singles from vintage to current era players… and the beast must be fed.

Perfect Collector Aims to Be Online Home for Your Cards and Memorabilia

Perfect Collector booth at National Sports Collectors Convention

Perfect Collector has just launched a website that offers the opportunity to store images of your collection, buy, sell, trade and communicate with others.

“The Vault” Aimed at Helping Buyers and Sellers of More Expensive Cards

COMC Tim Getsch

COMC’s latest selling tool, “The Vault”, is aimed helping at buyers and sellers of higher valued sports cards. Visits NSCC

Dealers and corporate sponsors are back home.  Collectors are sorting through what they purchased.  Autograph hounds are finding the right spot for the signatures they gathered at the Tri-Star pavilion. The 34th National Sports Collectors Convention is history but those who were there are still digesting the industry’s biggest annual gathering. The hobby is still […]

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Errors and Variations Hardly a New Thing

Richs Ramblings

I was given a new file at work to process in the past few days. Normally, my front end work is pretty simple if the information was put in correctly but this specific file came in with rafts of errors. Seeing that file reminded me of one of the hobby’s subtlest but hottest grouping of […]

Happy Ending: Mel Ott Bat Stolen During 2012 Show Returned

Game used Mel Ott bat

A 1930’s Mel Ott bat worth more than $40,000 that was stolen from last year’s NSCC is back with its owner after someone discovered their conscience.

Ramblings: Remembering the ‘Unique’ Security at the 1984 NSCC Show… and Old Friends


Rich Klein recalls some interesting security measures at one of the early National Sports Collectors Conventions. He’s also remembering hobby friends who passed.

Local Auction Surrenders Cool Baseball History

1906 Fan Craze Fred Clarke

You’ll find all kinds of interesting stuff at the National Sports Collectors Convention, some of it more than 100 years old. Eat your heart out, video gamer.

Rich Klein: Respecting Hobby’s Past Part of Tri-Star DNA

Richs Ramblings

Giving back to the community and props to hobby dealers from the past is something Rich likes about Tri-Star Productions.

Chicago Crowd Makes Dealers Happy

Vintage Baseball Cards

If you’re a collector who loves the hobby so much you occasionally have dreams about it, chances are the sheer volume and variety of vintage baseball cards for sale at the annual National Sports Collectors Convention surpasses anything your subconscious mind can work up.   From prominent dealers who have been to hundreds of shows over […]

Hollywood Calling: Vintage Equipment Dealer Gets Props

Old gloves

If you’re getting a game together and need some gear, Brett Lowman is one guy who can probably help.  He never runs out of sports equipment.  Of course, you probably should be prepared to play the old fashioned way.  Leather helmets for football.  Flat gloves with small pockets for baseball.  Lowman runs Play OK Antiques, […]

New Auction Company Debuts at NSCC

Baseball Photograph Cy Young

While established sports card and memorabilia dealers and corporate entities return to the National Sports Collectors Convention year after year, it’s also a launching pad for new businesses.  Among those debuting in Chicago last week was Joshua Tree Auctions and Sales, a small firm operated by Adam Cohen and his wife Rachel. The Palm Springs, […]