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Photo of the Day: Gehrig’s 1900th Straight Game Includes Homer

Life was good for Lou Gehrig in 1937–and this was one of those days. A photo at auction captures the happy first baseman on a milestone afternoon.

Photo of the Day: Rare Image of Spitballer Al Orth

A 109-year-old photo of New York Highlanders righty Al Orth shows an early 20th century big league pitcher at the top of his game.

No Shortage of Yogi Berra Baseball Cards, Memorabilia

He was seemingly always in the midst of history. A mountain of Yogi Berra baseball cards and great memorabilia mean the memories are never “over”.

Basement Ball: Long Lost Signed Sphere Carries Mantle, More

Renovating an old home they’d just purchased paid off for a Connecticut family when this old, forgotten, autographed baseball emerged.

Newly Discovered Gehrig Bat Sells for $436,970

A Lou Gehrig game model bat once kept by a door for homeowner protection and nearly given away, set a new record at auction early Sunday.

Ruth, DiMaggio, Gehrig Part of Johnny Murphy Collection

Items signed by Yankee greats of the 1930s are part of an historic memorabilia collection from the estate of former player and executive Johnny Murphy.

Rare Smile, Shades on 1937 Pre-Series Photo of Young Joe D

He’s got the world by the tail and Joe DiMaggio seems to know it. A rare image of the Jolter on the day he capped off his breakout season is our Photo of the Day.

Ramblings: Why a Sport Rules a City and its Collectors

Why do some cities have a bigger collector base than others? Rich Klein says some of it has to do with the history of its pro sports teams.

Vintage Set of the Week: 1964 Topps Baseball Might Rub Off on You

The 1964 Topps baseball set may lack big-name rookies, but it offers collectors an affordable glimpse into baseball at the tail-end of a Yankees dynasty.

Man Who Caught A-Rod’s 660th Home Run Ball May Sell

A Red Sox fan and sports collector caught the ball hit by Alex Rodriguez for his 660th home run. He’s mulling his options.

Photo Used for Mantle’s 1958 Topps All-Star Card at Auction

An 8×10 photo taken two years earlier and used as the basis for the 1958 Topps Mickey Mantle All-Star card is at RMY Auctions.

Jeffrey Maier’s Glove Goes on Auction Block

Jeffrey Maier’s glove, famous for hauling in a Derek Jeter drive in the 1996 ALCS, robbing the Orioles of a potential victory, has already been sold once.

1924 Yankees Team Photo Shows Young Gehrig

He was soon bound for Hartford and Lou Gehrig defers to his veteran teammates on a newly discovered 1924 Yankees team photo.

1922 Ruth ‘Suspension Photo’ Headlines RMY Auction

A rare photo of Babe Ruth during his barnstorming suspension of 1922 recalls a clash of wills with Commissioner Landis.

Image Captures Mickey Mantle’s Powerful Swing During ’61 Chase

A rare wire photo of Mickey Mantle taking a powerful swing at a pitch during the 1961 home run chase is among the featured items at RMY Auctions.

Billy Martin Cards Chronicle Fast, Furious Life

Billy Martin baseball cards are many, spread over four decades in the game. It was on Christmas 1989 when baseball lost one of its most colorful figures.

Photo of the Day: Hockey and the Iron Horse

The Yankees star first baseman’s streak was underway and he took time out to greet some NHL colleagues who were doing the same in this rare photograph.

Remembering a Young Jeter’s First Card Show

A North Carolina man recalls lining up a young Derek Jeter for a card show autograph session for less than you’ll pay for one signed item today.

Babe Ruth’s 1923 World Series Watch Coming to Auction

The 1923 World Series championship watch presented to Babe Ruth has emerged from one of the world’s best baseball memorabilia collections and will be sold at auction.

Leyritz Selling Big Home Run Bats, Jersey, ’96 World Series Ring

He had a knack for clutch homers in the playoffs, but now some of the big home run bats used by Jim Leyritz are being sold at auction.