Gurley Admits to $3,000 in Autograph Money Over 2 Year Period

Georgia running back Todd Gurley has been suspended four games after the NCAA says he admitted to taking $3,000 from dealers to sign autograph they could sell.

Will Ruling Mean College Trading Cards Become an Industry?

Rich Klein wonders if a court ruling that favors college athletes being compensated for the use of their images could lead to more college trading cards.

Early Reaction to 2013-14 Upper Deck Black Basketball

2013-14 Upper Deck Black Basketball is back as a stand-alone product with the newly-released boxes promising six autographs of guys in their college gear.

Manziel Not Penalized (Much) for Autographs but Case Remains Open (Sort of)

The NCAA and Texas A&M say they have no evidence that Johnny Manziel was paid for signing thousands of autographs for dealers but the case may not be closed.

Report: Johnny Manziel Accepted Cash for Autographs

Sports Collectors Daily spoke with a source at the National Sports Collectors Convention over the weekend who indicated an explosive story was coming soon involving Johnny Manziel and a paid autograph signing arrangement, a deal that if confirmed by NCAA investigators, would be against NCAA rules and likely mean major trouble for the talented Texas […]

2011 Sweet Spot Football Promises One Auto Per Pack

Upper Deck pushes out its latest football product, leaning again on college football photos and logos.

College Players Off Limits for Michigan Shop

A sports memorabilia dealer from a rival area reacts to the stories about Terrelle Pryor getting paid for autographs while he was still a student.

Robertson Joins Suit

The Big O has a big beef with the NCAA over the use of his picture on trading cards and other products.

Ohio State Scandal a Reflection of Game Used Market

Once they were probably considered little more than stinky old jerseys and trinkets. Not anymore.

Colleges Clamp Down on Autographs

At least one big-time NCAA basketball power now has its own autograph policy.

2010 NCAA Final Four Court Being Sold in Pieces

It’s kind of hard to store…and not that hard to make a new one.