T206 Eddie Plank a Worthy Challenger to Wagner

The T206 Eddie Plank plays Lou Gehrig to its more Ruthian-like brother, Honus Wagner, but serious collectors know how scarce it is.

Nice Gesture, But Perry’s Super Bowl Ring Likely a Replica

A 10-year-old kid’s gift to the Fridge got some mainstream media attention over the weekend, but one important detail might be missing.

2010 Topps Sterling Review

Topps’ latest upscale product is the company’s annual Sterling Baseball issue. What’s inside?

Unraveling Photo Mystery Fun Part of Curator’s Job

When you think of the Baseball Hall of Fame, you usually think about milestone baseballs, jerseys and bats.  Something someone used to do something great. There’s a lot more to Cooperstown that game-used gear, though. The Hall has oodles of memorabilia that you won’t see because there just isn’t enough room to put it all […]

It’s a 1907 Giants’ jersey…but who’s Mo Gitolly?

It’s not often a nearly 100 year-old jersey makes it’s way into the marketplace, let alone one from John McGraw’s New York Giants. The provenance on this one seems airtight but the identity of who originally donned it seems to be a mystery.