Rich’s Ramblings: Putting Things into Perspective

Rich Klein with some thoughts on hobby friendships.

1916 Sporting News Babe Ruth Rookie Brings $200,000

The sale of a high grade 1916 Sporting News Babe Ruth, the first big league rookie card of the Sultan of Swat, has set a new bar.

Mass Man Admits He Broke In, Stole Cards

A Massachusetts man got away for awhile, but his bad habits apparently allowed the law to catch up to him.

Showing Off Slugger Auction Items

Louisville’s ABC affiliate spends a morning at the Louisville Slugger Museum, previewing the appraisal fair and auction.

NHL Rookie Showcase is Where Rookie Cards Are Born

NHL prospects get their pictures taken for upcoming hockey cards.

Ravens Just Say No to Training Camp Autographs

…unless you’re a kid of a specified age.

The Million Dollar Hockey Jersey

A little game-worn history is made on the last night of an auction for one of hockey’s sports treasures.