Topps Says eTopps Was Money Losing Proposition

Topps says after ten years, it no longer made sense to continue with the eTopps brand.

Was Doc’s Sports Collection Acquired With Drug Money?

A Windsor doctor owned a great collection of sports memorabilia, but he’s now facing charges over dozens of prescriptions he wrote–and picked up.

Latos “I Hate SF” Signed Balls Raise Money, Stir Ire

San Diego Padres’ pitcher Mat Latos signed three baseballs with a special inscription that stirred up an already hot rivalry.

Good Deed Turned Into Big Headache for Dealer

Fans and collectors were anxious to trade a donation for an autograph, but it hasn’t quite worked out that way.

Auction House Still Battling Ex-Rapper

Lawyers and loans are part of the story as Robert Edward Auctions looks to collect a debt it says is overdue.

Hall of Fame Election Worth Big Memorabilia Money

Andre Dawson has plenty of reasons to smile. Just ask Goose Gossage.

Follow New eBay Rules: Make More Money

eBay is offering sellers of sports cards and memorabilia a test. Pass it with your listings and you’ll have more success than the next guy.

The Man Who Would be Topps

People with tons of money fighting over a sports card company? Only in America. Brog vs. Shorin could determine the future of Topps.