Editor’s Blog: Jeremy Lin Merchandise Keeps Sellers Busy as Linsanity Grows

The Jeremy Lin NBA story is driving fans wild and retailers are putting fresh material up within minutes of his latest heroics. He could help drive basketball card sales worldwide.

Ty Cobb Tobacco Tin Lighting Up eBay

A rare century-old Ty Cobb Tobacco container is for sale on eBay, with collectors of vintage baseball memorabilia lining up to bid.

Bill Buckner, Mookie Wilson Together Again

Bill Buckner and Mookie Wilson will make an autograph appearance in New York next month, with proceeds going to charity.

Official World Series Paintings Pricey, Rare

Sports artist Opie Otterstad’s MLB-sanctioned painting of the Giants 2010 victory comes out next week. Players are often among the first in line to score a print in this decade-long series.

Haddix Family Consigns Dad’s Memorabilia

Harvey Haddix tossed 12 perfect innings in 1959. Now, a tangible memory from that game is among the items being sold at auction.

Kirk Gibson Selling 1988 World Series Memorabilia

SCP Auctions will facilitate the sale of Kirk Gibson’s contributions to baseball history.

Tommie Smith Selling 1968 Gold Medal, Shoes

His gesture on the medal stand in Mexico City created a firestorm 42 years ago. Now, Tommie Smith’s gold is up for sale.

$50,000 Reward for Cup-Winning Puck

The Chicago Blackhawks are still really excited about winning the Stanley Cup. They just wish they knew where the puck was.

Crosby’s Golden Stick Missing

Sidney Crosby’s overtime goal in the 2010 Winter Olympics gold medal hockey game created some instant history. So what’s his stick worth? Well…they have to find it first.

1916 Zeenuts Claxton a Piece of History

31 years before Jackie Robinson, a baseball card pioneer put color into cards.

LeMieux Autographs at Toronto Expo

A rare appearance by Mario LeMieux drew plenty of hockey fans and collectors to the Toronto Sportscard and Memorabilia Expo.

Miley Collection Preserves Sports History

John Miley has built what is likely the nation’s largest collection of sports broadcasts.