Memory Lane Opens Historic Rarities Auction July 30

A pair of 1916 Babe Ruth rookie cards, a 1933 Yankees team-signed bat and hundreds of high grade, vintage sports cards will be among more than 1,300 items in Memory Lane Inc’s. next catalog auction, opened in time for showcasing at this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore.

Baseball Card Grading Circa 1974

The terminology may be nearly the same but attitudes about grading baseball cards were a little different in 1974.

Rediscovering the Shoebox

A collector from way back digs into some shoeboxes full of cards during a New England summer.

High Grade Vintage Card Sets Pace Auction

Two top tier baseball card sets from distinctly different eras, brought over $111,000 late last week.

T206 Wagner, Ruth Cards, Autos Highlight Catalog

Gathered together, they’re a veritable sports collecting museum. The only difference? These are for sale.

1961 Post Cereal High Grade Find

Mom never dreamed that box of Alpha Bits would yield such a mother lode.

Baseball Card Defects: Worst to First

Looking to get the best grade for your collecting dollar? We’ve got some tips.

1964 Topps Coin Grading Yields Dividends

Baseball coins aren’t chump change when the grader smiles on your submission.

Topps Collectibles Include More Than Just Cards

Collecting vintage Topps cards isn’t enough. You’ve got to dabble in some of the hobby’s early ‘inserts’.

Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards: What to Buy

Thinking Mick? We focus in on some of the best picks for collectors.

Not the First Sale of Mikan Rookie Card

The George Mikan PSA 10 rookie card that sold for over $218,000 early Sunday morning changed hands at least once before…for a lot less.

1969-70 Topps Basketball Cards Were a Landmark

40 years ago, something new and different showed up in the candy aisle…basketball cards.

Vintage High End Items Highlight MLI Sale

Unopened baseball card boxes from the 1950s and 60s, high-grade sets and singles and a run of mint cancelled checks from the first Hall of Fame class will be up for bid later this month.

1948 Bowman Basketball George Mikan Card Set for Auction

Like the ultimate center jump, what many consider the world’s greatest vintage basketball card is about to be tossed up for grabs…a PSA 10 with a minimum bid of $50,000.

Trump Letter: Ultimate USFL Collectible?

Donald Trump was not happy with the ESPN documentary on the USFL. But at least he autographed the nasty note.

Babe Ruth Rookie Card Pacing Auction

The latest Babe Ruth rookie card to hit the market is drawing bidders not shy about chasing one of the hobby’s icons.

Graded 1971 Topps set sells for $10K

A 1971 Topps baseball card set with all cards graded PSA 7 and 8 sold for $10,000 Sunday.