Giants Named Topps Organization of the Year

Topps digs what the San Francisco Giants organization is doing.

2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Edition

Rich Klein is tearing into packs of more wood-grained bordered ’62 Topps look-a-likes in the new Heritage Minor League cards.

Topps Brings Heritage Concept to Minor League Cards

Topps will milk its Heritage concept–and Bryce Harper exclusive–for one more set this year.

Bryce Harper’s First Card Coming

Teen sensation Bryce Harper will make his Topps debut in about two months.

eTopps Rolls Out Minor League Cards

Topps is taking its eTopps program into the minors.

Game Used Dealer Focused on Minor Leagues

With 75 minor league clients, an entrepreneur is hoping to win collectors and prospecting freaks over with a philosophy of the early bird getting the worm…or at least the game-used bat.

Topps Secures Deal to Make Minor League Cards

Topps is about to become the only licensed maker of minor league baseball cards.

Minor Leaguers tuned in to autograph hobby

Think only big leaguers have illegible signatures? Not so…but fans still pursue them.