Commons for Kids: Kentucky Collector Doing His Own “Million Card Giveaway”

Jerry Milburn’s quest is to put sports cards into the hands of needy youngsters through his Commons for Kids program.

Texas Lawyer Pays $2 Million for Signed Helmet

The ‘actual value’ may not be that much, but the signed 1980s Houston Oilers helmet will pay off big in another way.

Topps Delivers 1952 Mantle to Winner

Topps wasn’t cheap when it came to awarding at least one of the 1952 Topps Mantle cards as part of its Million Card Giveaway promotion.

2010 Topps Update Set for Release

Topps’ trilogy of base cards wraps up with this week’s release of 2010 Updates and Highlights

Strasburg’s Topps Million Redemption Cards Averaging $345

If you cracked the code during Stephen Strasburg’s big league debut last week, your card won’t lack for bidders.

Topps Ready for Million Card Giveaway

Topps will officially announce its Million Card Giveaway today…and there’s more than one ’52 Mickey Mantle out there somewhere.

Merchandiser Sues NHLPA for $1 Million

A Canadian company thought it had a deal to sell a special piece of signed memorabilia but it all unraveled and lawyers are now involved.

How to Turn $5 into $5 Million

Read the story of how one U.S. Marine perusing eBay launched a multi-million dollar business.

Easy Come, Easy Go: $25 Million in Signed Sports Art

The man who owned a famous set of 1970s Andy Warhol athlete portraits–signed by the subjects–has cancelled his insurance claim.

1970s Stanley Cup Rings Swiped in $1 Million Robbery

Canadian thieves picked a bountiful target for a robbery. Valuable jewelry was taken–along with a pair of championship rings belonging to the former owner of the Montreal Canadiens.