Mike Piazza

Weekend Notes: Record for Williams; MLBPA Report; Piazza Update

Big bucks flying for vintage icons, national attention on the Piazza jersey, the MLBPA reports on licensing fees and Adam Wainwright’s auction for Flint.

Let it Go, Mets: Piazza Disappointed Team Sold Post-9/11 Jersey

Mike Piazza’s jersey from the night he lifted New York’s spirits after 9/11 is up for grabs and the new Hall of Famer can’t believe the Mets let it go.

Mike Piazza Post-9/11 Home Run Jersey at Auction

The jersey worn by Mike Piazza when he lifted New York’s spirits in the aftermath of 9/11 has been consigned to auction.

Card Show Trip Led to Piazza Meeting Ted Williams

A paid autograph session at a Pennsylvania card show led Ted Williams to the home of a future 62nd round pick who also became a Hall of Famer.

He’s In: Piazza Rookie Cards Plentiful, Mostly Cheap

It’s been 24 years since his cardboard debut and Mike Piazza rookie cards–most anyway–remain affordable. A brief tour and a look at Piazza’s hottest cards now.

Piazza Marlins Collection Gets Hall of Fame Display

He was a Marlin for only a few days in 1998 but there are dozens of cards picturing Mike Piazza in teal. A man who’s tracked most of them down has loaned some for display in Cooperstown.

Interactive Infancy: 1997 Donruss VXP 1.0 CD-ROM

The dawn of interactive trading cards took place nearly 20 years ago, when Donruss introduced its VXP 1.0 CD ROM collection in 1997.

Chipper, Big Unit, Rip, Pedro, Coach Lou and Yasiel Puig Among Those at NSCC Saturday

[View the story “2013 National Sports Collectors Convention Day 3” on Storify]

Mike Piazza Marlins Cards a Fixation for Dueling Collectors

A future Hall of Famer suiting up for a team for five days before being traded again? Two guys who collect Mike Piazza Marlins cards know their collections are a little unusual.

Mets Hall Heavy on Memorabilia

The New York Mets will open their Hall of Fame and Museum Monday with a variety of Mets memorabilia from 1962-present.

Five Post-1990 Baseball Card Sets Worth Having

For many serious baseball card collectors, the mid-1980s marked the beginning of the end for worthwhile collecting. With interest in the hobby increasing, card companies began churning out sets in never before seen quantities, flooding the market with cards that today are barely worth the paper they’re printed on. Yet there are still a few […]