Mike Fruitman

Editor’s Blog: Special Collector Meets Aaron Rodgers

Our recent story about 15-year-old Jake Cohen, a blind collector from Colorado, reached his favorite player and last week, he got to meet Aaron Rodgers.

Collectors Very Amused With 2014 Topps Museum MLB

High end but not too high end, Topps Museum Collection Baseball has been a big attraction at Mike’s.

What’s Hot: Fleer Retro – Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

Mike Fruitman says Upper Deck has found a time machine with 2011-12 Fleer Retro Basketball with prices on the rise thanks to Michael Jordan and co.

Selling Sweet Singles Back in Style

Publicity over some recent finds of vintage baseball cards has brought more out of the woodwork and into card shops.

Blog: Card Industry Insiders Talk

Some comments from shop owners, distributors, licensees, card company reps and others on the state of the industry.

Panini Promises to Back Card Shops

Panini pledges to put hobby shops on a more level playing field in hopes of strengthening the industry, while admitting past foul ups under the Donruss name.

Dealer Trading Night?

Not every industry conference is just a bunch of guys sitting around and talking.