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Five Great Mickey Mantle Cards on a Budget

1952 Bowman Mantle

Building a nice little collection of Mickey Mantle cards that represents his career well doesn’t have to be out of your league.

Topps Prime 9 Player of the Week is Mickey Mantle

Mantle 2011 Prime 9 redemption

Week 7 is devoted to #7 as Topps continues to fill out its late-season redemption set.

Sports Memorabilia Auction Business Continues To Drive Sales


What was once a novelty is now a hobby staple where competition for items to consign and bidders to buy is strong, but so is the interest.

Ruth Sing Sing Bat Brings $126,500 at FanFest Auction

Sing Sing Prison Babe Ruth used bat

A famous piece of Bambino-used lumber led the way in Phoenix, with a rookie year Jackie Robinson bat not far behind.

1956 Topps Mantle Paces $561K Memory Lane Sale Generates Over $560,000

PSA 10 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle

The bar is raised again on a PSA 10 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle, while iconic rookie cards change hands for sizable investments.

Jeter’s 3,000th Hit Ball: What’s it Worth?

game used baseball

He’ll have to wait until July to continue the chase, but if Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit winds up in the stands, the sky’s the limit.

Topps Vault Will Hold Auction at National Convention

Topps rookie proof Nolan Ryan

Signed contract and proof sheets from the Topps vault, some dating back to the 1950s, will be up for bid during a special VIP-only auction at the National.

Dual Signed Ruth-Gehrig Ball Tops Auction

Autographed baseball Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig

The Babe’s John Henry continues to command attention, as evidenced by Huggins & Scott’s latest auction.

Mantle Rookie, Spiderman Giveaway Draws 20,000 Entries


May 31 marks the last day for collectors to win a 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie card and two other vintage collectibles via popular online collectibles marketplace.

Razor Sharp Vintage Sports Cards Highlight New Catalog Sale

PSA 10 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle

A PSA 10 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle, plus mint, graded rookie cards of Willie Mays, George Mikan, Michael Jordan and Bobby Orr are among the offerings.

Autograph Grading: Does the Number Matter?

Signed Mickey Mantle photograph PSA 10

The 1-10 scale that’s become such a huge part of sports card grading is a little harder to analyze in the world of autographs.

Ultra Rare 1966 Topps Punch Out Tops Auction

'66 Topps Punch Out

There was no shortage of unique pieces in Huggins & Scott’s latest auction, including a super scarce Topps card, the last Thurman Munson signed ball and a card with four famous presidents’ signatures.

Topps Completes List of Best Baseball Cards All-Time

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 7

The number one card on Topps’ list of its 60 best baseball cards is no surprise, but the debate about who got left out and ranked where can now begin.

Topps Diamond Giveaway Offers Prizes

Topps Diamond Giveaway prizes

Feel lucky, punk? Topps is ready for you.

Baseball Card Defects: Worst to First

1953 Topps Satchel Paige

Looking to get the best grade for your collecting dollar? We’ve got some tips.

Long-Time Vintage Memorabilia Collection Will Be Sold


Dave Chaffin has one of the best vintage sports memorabilia collections you’ll find in any restaurant. Now he says he’s selling it off to raise cash.

1952 Topps Mantle Price Trend Tough to Nail Down

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 7

It’s hard to pinpoint a trend when it comes to the hobby’s most popular post-WWII card, but we think we know what grades brings the best bang for your buck

Mantle’s Last Speech Unique Part of Current Auction

Mantle speech

A dying Mick scratched out his most important speech on the back of a PGA event leaderboard.

2011 Topps Heritage Baseball Pays Homage to 1962 Topps “Woodies”

Topps Heritage Baseball Base Josh Hamilton

Wood grain borders are back in style next year on 2011 Topps Heritage

Fake Autographs Turn into Real Help for Baseball Charity


How 2,000 phony autographed baseballs are about to make a big difference for kids baseball around the world.