mickey mantle cards

Ruth Contract Tops Half Million Dollar Mark

The Babe’s 1922 Yankees contract, a Ted Williams uniform and several high-grade baseball cards were part of a $2.9 million auction in New York.

Goudey Advertising Signs, Mantle Mother Lode Part of MLI Auction

The number one rated basic collection of Mickey Mantle cards joins hundreds of other vintage cards, early World Series programs and a vintage packs.

Top Mickey Mantle Card Collection Coming to Auction

A collection of high-grade baseball cards that chronicles Mickey Mantle’s entire career will come to auction later this month when Memory Lane opens its next major catalog auction.

5,000+ Lot Auction Includes Vintage Cards, Brooks Robinson Items

Dozens of Old Judge cards, 15 early Mickey Mantles, a major hockey collection and the career memorabilia of Brooks Robinson hit the auction block Nov. 5-7.

Ranking the Population of Early Mantle Cards

Our infographic puts the population of graded early Mickey Mantle cards in focus.

5 Great Mickey Mantle Cards on a Budget

Building a nice little collection of Mickey Mantle cards which offer a career retrospective doesn’t have to be out of your league.

Exceptional Material Performs To Lofty Levels In Mile High Auction

A mint 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie and cards from the 1916-17 Iowa topped bidding as high grade and rare vintage cards scored well again at auction.

Seattle Card Store Burglary Suspect Caught on Cam

A Washington man who turned his hobby into a business is still hoping someone can help find the man who swiped $30,000 worth of vintage sports cards from his shop last month.

1952 Topps Mantle Price Trend Tough to Nail Down

It’s hard to pinpoint a trend when it comes to the hobby’s most popular post-WWII card, but we think we know what grades brings the best bang for your buck

Ripken Contest Part of National Promotions

The Baltimore Sun and DACardWorld.com have teamed up to give Cal Ripken Jr away as a door prize at this year’s 31st National Sports Collectors Convention.

Vintage Cards Top Legendary Auction

A complete, PSA graded 1933 Goudey set and several Sporting Life Cabinet cards topped the lots offered in Legendary Auctions’ spring auction.

Topps Ready for Million Card Giveaway

Topps will officially announce its Million Card Giveaway today…and there’s more than one ’52 Mickey Mantle out there somewhere.