Robert Edward Auctions

eBay Expanding Completed Search Function


eBay is taking a hard look at allowing buyers and sellers to go further back in time to look at sales…and the Mookie Ball goes unsold.

Autograph Grading: Does the Number Matter?

Signed Mickey Mantle photograph PSA 10

The 1-10 scale that’s become such a huge part of sports card grading is a little harder to analyze in the world of autographs.

Handling Negative eBay Feedback the Smart Way


Someone messing with your perfect (or near perfect) eBay score?

Ohio Card Shop Destroyed By Fire

Medina Sports Cards

A long-time card shop in northeast Ohio was gutted Thursday night by an intense fire.

Retired Stars Cash in on Memorabilia Market

Bobby Orr game worn jersey

One of them reads about the prices attained by another and pretty soon, former NHL stars are lining up to sell off their stuff.

Match Attax: Brand Started Huge Niche for Topps

Match Attax

Topps has found a hit with its Attax franchise, a segment that got its started in the UK, as a collectible card game to serve the soccer-crazy masses.

Big Crowd for Rodriguez Auction

Rich Rodriguez auction

He could have tossed them out or put them in a box, but instead, Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez gave his stuff to the Salvation Army–in person. The gesture turned out to be a windfall for a struggling chapter.

2011 Hall of Fame Election: Who’s In?

Bagwell rookie card

The votes are in. Wednesday, we’ll find out whose cards and autographs might take a jump in value.

Christmas Gifts For The Sports Fan: Still Time

Reggie Jackson signed bat

Large sports memorabilia retailers are offering some holiday specials. Give yourself a gift while you’re buying for your posse.

Brandon Steiner Talks About His Start, His Company

Brandon Steiner

Brandon Steiner was no rich kid. That didn’t stop the Brooklyn native from building one of the most recognizable brands in the sports memorabilia business.