SoCal Man’s Cards for House Trade Offer Still Open

He hasn’t made a deal yet, but the man looking to swap what he says is a valuable vintage baseball card collection for a new house, is getting a few offers. At 57, Clyde Bone is ready settle down with his new fiancee. He just needs a house. And he’s ready to trade his baseball […]

Man Sues Lawyers for Malpractice in Memorabilia Case

It’s been more than ten years since Sports Legends went out of business, but the company lives on through the latest court case…this one against the owner’s lawyers.

Letters to Stan the Man: Secretary Kept Fans Happy

Pat Anthony helps Stan Musial with his fan mail…just as she’s done for over 45 years.

2009 Allen & Ginter Short Print List Unveiled

Topps has revealed its list of short printed autograph cards–and other quirks–inside its newly-released Allen & Ginter set.

The Man Who Would be Topps

People with tons of money fighting over a sports card company? Only in America. Brog vs. Shorin could determine the future of Topps.

He’s the Cardinals’ Card Man

A retired Cardinal fan spends his time dishing out police sets to kids…just for the heck of it.

The gold medal? Yeah, it’s under my old English book

It seems WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes has been too busy hooping it up to visit her old storage unit…or pay the rent.