NBA All-Star Programs Can Be Valuable

A link to a look at NBA All-Star programs, which offer two things collectors like: potential for growth, worldwide appeal and an element of scarcity.

Upper Deck Company Lays Off Five

The latest round of layoffs includes public relations manager Terry Melia.

MLB: Stop or We’ll Sue!

Apparently, selling Derek Jeter baseballs with a special 3,000 hit inscription can be VERY confusing to an uneducated public.

MLB Prepares for Thome’s 600th

One milestone down; one more to go.

Gold Home Run Derby Balls to Debut

For your most elite autographs…a $150 baseball.

MLB Pink Bat, Gear Auction Underway

The Mother’s Day pink bats, gloves, cleats and other gear is up for bid as Major League Baseball’s annual breast cancer fundraiser gets underway.

FBI Won’t Pursue Missing Puck; Not Fans of COA

Some serious talk about the missing Stanley Cup-winning puck in Chicago, including some bits of knowledge on all things memorabilia from the agency investigating the hobby.

Editor’s Blog: Pink Bats, Stolen Sigs, Pawn Star on Dave

Some quick hits–and a video–to close out the week.

Upper Deck Offers Up 2011 MLS Card Set

Upper Deck’s latest effort? Soccer cards with autographs and game jersey swatches.

Panel to Examine the Story of Baseball’s Beginnings

Collectors of 19th century baseball memorabilia–and fans of all types–may soon learn more about baseball’s beginnings.

Tribe Closer Perez is a Collector

Even big leaguers splurge on baseball cards.

Posey Signing for San Francisco Dealer

Special World Series jerseys are now part of the mix as 2010 NL Rookie of the Year Buster Posey conducts another signing session for LC Galleries.

MLB Authentication is Big Business

Big league games are now virtual authentication factories, with each item used between the lines treated as a commodity.

Next Year’s Draft Picks in This Year’s Baseball Cards

Members of Team USA have pre-rookie cards in several Topps products.

Andrew Cashner is Topps Finest Redemption #7

This one’s autographed.

All-Star Game Turns Players into Collectors

Autograph collectors heaven is located inside the NL and AL clubhouses while players await the game.

New Boss: Upper Deck ‘Rebuilding’

Stung by license losses, Upper Deck is refocusing under the direction of new leadership.

Santana, Stanton Part of Rookie Redemptions

Topps pushes its Rookie Redemption programs forward.

Getcher Free Game Used Baseballs Here!

Major League Baseball teams have gotten downright generous with the one, cheap game-used goodie they can just hand over.