Just Collect Busy With 1936 World Wide Gum and More

A pair of vastly different baseball card sets are among the 500+ lots up for bid in Just Collect’s latest auction.

Strasburg Mania In Full Force

One spectacular game in the books and Stephen Strasburg is being marketed as if Sandy Koufax found the fountain of youth.

PSA Offers Free Copies of New T206 Book

T206: The Players & Their Stories is part of a new promotional package from PSA.

Upper Deck Laying Off 119 Workers

A major workforce reduction has taken place at the Upper Deck Company.

MLB Union: Upper Deck Not Paying Us

Major League Baseball player agents are being told not to deal with Upper Deck until the company pays its bills.

Umps Show Softer Side in Auction

Major League Baseball umpires are trying to raise money for childrens’ charities through an online auction.

Topps “Refocusing” on Kids, Less Clutter

Topps is hoping its new games hook kids on the brand, while reducing confusion in the marketplace.

Stephen Strasburg Signs with Topps

He hasn’t pitched in a big league game yet, but Stephen Strasburg is about to become one of the focal points of Topps’ 2010 baseball card efforts.

Topps Secures Deal to Make Minor League Cards

Topps is about to become the only licensed maker of minor league baseball cards.

Topps Puck Attax Features NHL Players

Topps will follow its baseball game with a new trading card-based hockey offering just after the start of the upcoming NHL season.