In The Game Enforcers Box Break

Like the subjects in the packs, In The Game Enforcers is heavy on hits.

Crooks Take Dirty Laundry, Leave $17,000 Case of Baseball Cards

Steve Hart loses his dirty clothes and IRS paperwork to thieves, who leave behind far more valuable cargo.

Editor’s Blog: 15 Years and 738,395 Memorabilia Cards

Looking to collect every memorabilia card ever made? You’ll need a mighty big checklist. But recent developments make one wonder about the origin of some.

Industry Under Microscope in Wake of Jersey-Gate

Guilty pleas in a case of faked game jerseys caught the attention of NFL teams and the Chicago Tribune, which delves into the industry.

Card Show Coverage

Always nice to see the mainstream media give a little space to the hobby, especially when it’s at the grass roots level.

Sharp Dressed Men: 1909 Tigers Team Photo

Antiques Roadshow takes a look at a 1909 Detroit Tigers team picture.

Cinci Duo Finally Gets Wagner Card Slabbed

Two men convinced they’ve got a version of the T206 Honus Wagner card have finally found someone to encase it in plastic and put an ‘authentic’ label on it.

Editor’s Blog: Legal Bills, Smash ‘n Grab, Snip ‘n Swap

A collection of…unusual…stories from the wide world of sports memorabilia.

10 Great Vintage Bowman Baseball Cards

Topps released its top 60 baseball cards of all-time this week. Bowman’s short run in the card universe deserves a little love, too.

What Happened to Ball That Ended Phillies’ Drought?

It may not be up there with a Babe Ruth home run ball or even Bill Mazeroski’s 1960 Series game-winner, but the whereabouts of the ball that put Philadelphia baseball back on the map are a big mystery.

Bowman Strasburg Headed for Huggins & Scott Auction

Pulled from eBay, Stephen Strasburg’s most expensive rookie card is now on its way to an auction catalog.

Rare Cards, Tighter Controls Pushing Market?

A Denver Post story paints a rosy picture for the baseball card market–even if it is pushed by lottery ticket type cards.

Card Shop Hoping for Kid Revival

A TV station examines the sports card industry with a local shop.

Media coverage of the National

The National Sports Collectors Convention is still newsworthy in the mainstream media. Here’s what they were writing about.