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Historic 1984 NBA Finals Provide Bounty of Memorabilia

Magic Johnson Larry Bird signed photo trophy

Thirty years ago, Larry and Magic met in the NBA Finals for the first time. A look back at the cards and memorabilia of the Lakers and Celtics of 1984.

Vintage Pack Break of the Week: Back to the Well for 1980-81 Topps

1980-81 Topps pack

It’s a vintage basketball pack break as Just Collect gives the 1980-81 Topps issue another go.

Vintage Pack Break of the Week: 1980-81 Topps Basketball

1980-81 Topps pack

The Larry Bird-Magic Johnson rookie card lies inside packs of 1980-81 Topps basketball. Just Collect’s Vintage Pack Break of the Week takes a shot.

33 Legendary Larry Bird Cards

Bird 81-82

Here are 33 Larry Bird cards that aren’t necessarily all valuable, but still should be on your bucket list.

NBA Artwork Partnership Yields Classic Shots

Bird-Magic Rareink

Prints of freshly commissioned artwork feature past and present NBA greats in a new partnership between the NBA and RareInk. Autographs anyone?

Remembering the 1979 NCAA Championship

ESPN was barely a blip on the sports radar screen. Home computers were still more than a decade away. No blogs. No YouTube. No college hoops on TV every night. Whatever hype surrounded the 1979 NCAA Championship game was largely because the country had read about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in their daily newspapers […]