Lou Gehrig

2nd Casting of Gehrig’s Hall of Fame Plaque Art Discovered

An additional casting of Gehrig’s 1939 bronze Baseball Hall of Fame plaque art, quietly kept for decades by a fan who idolized him, is consigned to auction.

Clemente and Mantle Cards, Gehrig Trophy Pace Auction

Two familiar 1950s baseball cards sold for nearly $1 million combined Saturday night, but they were just the tip of the iceberg in a $7.2 million auction tally.

1933 DeLong Cards Were A One-Year Wonder

Limited to just two dozen stars of the day with a unique design, the 1933 DeLong cards stand out–even if they couldn’t land The Babe.

Photo of the Day: Gehrig’s 1900th Straight Game Includes Homer

Life was good for Lou Gehrig in 1937–and this was one of those days. A photo at auction captures the happy first baseman on a milestone afternoon.

Photo of the Day: Gehrig on the Doorstep of Greatness

1926 marked the first of 13 amazing seasons for Lou Gehrig, snapped in a serious pose by noted photographer Charles Conlon. The rare image is currently at auction.

Photo of the Day: Leapin’ Lou

You’d jump for joy too if you were Lou Gehrig and it was early March of 1928. Get the info on the auction for a rare image of the Iron Horse.

1927 Yankees Photo Headlines RMY’s September Auction

An original image of the 1927 Yankees, just days before they would open the World Series, is among the lots up for bid this week.

Photo of the Day: Classic Gehrig Action Shot

Lou Gehrig’s classic swing is captured in the spring of 1930 with a rare photo now at auction.

1939 Gehrig Interview: Autograph Seekers Part of Series Distraction

A local radio interview, preserved for decades, lets us listen to Lou Gehrig expound on baseball topics including a reference to autographs.

Ruth, DiMaggio, Gehrig Part of Johnny Murphy Collection

Items signed by Yankee greats of the 1930s are part of an historic memorabilia collection from the estate of former player and executive Johnny Murphy.

Memory Lane Offers Chance to Hold Babe Ruth Bat

Fans and collectors will get a chance to hold a valuable piece of lumber once wielded by Babe Ruth at the upcoming National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago.

Gehrig Sits: Iconic Photo at Auction

A poignant photo of Lou Gehrig, taken the day his consecutive games streak came to an end, is among the highlights at RMY Auctions.

Gehrig Cards Attract Dollars

On a special anniversary, a look at some recent sales of vintage Lou Gehrig cards and what’s hot on eBay.

1924 Yankees Team Photo Shows Young Gehrig

He was soon bound for Hartford and Lou Gehrig defers to his veteran teammates on a newly discovered 1924 Yankees team photo.

15 Baseball Cards of Players Who Met Tragic Endings

Not every player’s life has a happy ending. Here are baseball cards recalling 15 players who met an unfortunate end in one way or another.

Vintage Set Break of the Month: 1934 Goudey

With a checklist full of Hall of Famers including a pair of Gehrigs, this month’s Vintage Set Break offers a trip in the wayback machine.

Ruth Home Run Photo from 1927 Series at Auction

A photo showing Babe Ruth shaking hands with Lou Gehrig after a titanic blast in the 1927 World Series leads off RMY Auctions’ January event.

Original 1939 Lou Gehrig Day Photo Headlines Yee Auction

Hundreds of historic sports images are on the block this week on eBay including the famously touching photo of Babe Ruth hugging Lou Gehrig on July 4, 1939.

Photo of the Day: Gehrig Has a Beef on Opening Day 1936

Lou Gehrig states his case with a VIP watching from the stands as the Yankees battle the Senators on Opening Day,1936.

Jeter’s Only All-Star Home Run Bat Joins Vintage Cards in Memory Lane Catalog

The bat Derek Jeter used to hit his only All-Star Game home run, a T206 Plank and numerous Babe Ruth items are up for grabs at Memory Lane.