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Newly Discovered Gehrig Bat Now Carries Photo Match

Gehrig bat photo match

A bat once kept by a door for homeowner protection and nearly given away, was actually a Lou Gehrig game model. Now, an old photo puts it in Lou’s hands.

Cal Ripken Jr. Meets His (Bat) Maker

Louisville Slugger Factory Tour Cal Ripken Jr.

While picking up an award, Cal Ripken Jr. took time for a tour of the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum.

VIDEO: Cal Ripken Gets a Look at Lou Gehrig Bat Coming to Auction

Lou Gehrig game bat Cal Ripken

The Ironman swings a bat once used by the man whose iconic record he broke. Cal Ripken and Lou Gehrig connect through a historic artifact coming to auction.

Record Prices for Gehrig Bat, Banks Jersey

Lou Gehrig 1927 bat

A buyer snaps up a 1927 Lou Gehrig bat for more than $200,000 while an Ernie Banks jersey from the almost magical 1969 Cubs season also sold for big bucks.