Card Shop Victim of $40,000 Heist

A sports card shop burglary in Canada virtually wiped out the best stock of an owner who just opened 15 months ago.

Yankees Loss Cost Steiner

No Yankees or Red Sox in baseball’s final four means a loss of revenue for memorabilia agent Steiner Sports.

Upper Deck Company Lays Off Five

The latest round of layoffs includes public relations manager Terry Melia.

The Tax Man Cometh; Are You Ready?

If you’re a player–even a small one–it’s best to have a handle on tax laws or know someone who does.

Collectibles and Taxes: What You Should Know

If you’re buying and selling collectibles a regular basis, knowing some basic tax rules and regulations is a good idea.

Revenue Up, Losses Down for Dreams Inc

Publicly-traded purveyor of sports memorabilia and fan products Dreams, Inc. is hoping to battle its way out of the loss column.

Delay of Game: Post Office, 10-Yard Penalty

Are the post office’s money troubles causing them to give you the hard sell when you tote your bubble mailers to the window?

Warner Sues Over Memorabilia Loss

Former Penn State and Seattle Seahawks’ running back Curt Warner is suing his insurance man over football memorabilia he lost in a fire at his home last year.