Long Live the Vintage Box

Not every kid who grew up in the 1980s and 90s was after the latest issue.

Massachusetts Show a Long Running Success

The Boston Globe visits one of the country’s longest continually running shows.

Tunney’s Boxing Gloves from “The Long Count” Donated

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History will become home to some very famous boxing gloves and other items from the career of Gene Tunney.

Long-Time Vintage Memorabilia Collection Will Be Sold

Dave Chaffin has one of the best vintage sports memorabilia collections you’ll find in any restaurant. Now he says he’s selling it off to raise cash.

Hometown Gets Wooden Memorabilia

John Wooden’s family is spreading decades of hoops history around the country.

Long-Time Collector Opens Dual Genre Shop

You can buy Mickey Mantle and Mick Jagger in this newly-opened New England shop.

Shops Bank on Cards’ Ongoing Allure

A writer rediscovers the simple thrill inside of a pack while checking in on the state of a Chicago sports card shop that recently lost its long-time owner.

Vintage Baseball Card Finds Still Happening

Talk to those who search for old, forgotten cards and memorabilia at flea markets, garage sales and the like and you’ll often hear them say "there’s nothing left to find". That’s been proven wrong…again.