44th Annual Sun-Times Spring Card Show Guest List Set

Mounted Memories has released its autograph guest list for the 2012 Chicago Sun-Times spring show next month.

Editor’s Blog: News & Notes from Around the Hobby

A ’60 World Series ring walks into “The Treasure Hunters Roadshow”, dropping NFLPA trading card revenues and more.

Youngster Reaches Out; Maris Family Reaches Back

A movie connects an Iowa ten-year-old with the appreciative family of a baseball icon.

Best Baseball DVDs, Books for Christmas

If someone wants to buy you a gift and you’re nervous about asking them to buy cards or autographed items, rest assured there’s an easier way.  The amount of great quality books and DVDs out there is phenomenal right now.  You can create a ‘wish list’ or …buy them for yourself (it’s a long winter). […]

Link to Babe passed with Auker

Eldon Auker was the last living person to have faced Babe Ruth.